2023 GCS International Board Meeting Held at GCS HQs

The 2023 GCS International Board of Directors Meeting was held at the conference room of GCS International in downtown Seoul, Korea on January 26, 2023.

The board members unanimously approved the 2022 income-expenditure report and the 2023 budget and business plans.

Board members attending the meeting in person were GCS International President Chungwon Choue, president of World Taekwondo; Mr. Yoo In-hee, chairman of Youngbo Group; Dr. Lee Kwang-kyun, a professor of the specialized courses on CEO of the Graduate School of Urban and Real Estate Convergence at Hanyang University; Mr. Lee Hyeong-taek, representative attorney of law firm Tong; and Mr. Kang Dae-geun, president of THF Asia. Dr. Chang Sung-goo, a professor emeritus of Kyung Hee University, also attended the board meeting online.

The board meeting approved Dr. Kim Sang-jin, vice president of the GCS Global Peace Corps, as a new board member of GCS International. Kim serves as president of the Busan Taekwondo Association.

The board also unanimously approved reappointment of Prof. Chang Sung-goo, Prof. Lee Kwang-kyun and Mr. Lee Jae-heung as board members for three more years, while accepting the resignation of Dr. Ahn Young-soo, former president of the International Graduate School of English, as a board member for personal reasons.

At the meeting, GCS International Secretary General reported that the number of GCS International national chapters increased to 81 at the end of 2022. The annual GCS International Convention may take place in India.

The board agreed to hold a workshop for GCS International board members on April 7, 2023 to further activate GCS activities by increasing the number of GCS board members from the current 9 to up to 15.
In this regard, GCS International President Dr. Choue asked for board members’ recommendation of good GCS board members.

Dr. Choue also reported to the board that Mr. Yun Chang-soon, former president of the GCS Korea Youngnam Chapter, was appointed as vice president of the GCS Global Peace Corps Korea, and Mr. Lee Lee-qu, former secretary general of the GCS Korea Youngnam Chapter, as a board member of the GCS Global Peace Corps Korea.

Dr. Choue informed the board members that there will be a ceremony on March 16 this year to mark the publication of the biography book of GCS Movement founder Dr. Young Seek Choue on the occasion of the centenary of his birth.

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