Oughtopia is a compound word of ‘Ought to be,’ ‘Ought to do’ and ‘Topia’, and it connotes the meaning of what ought-to-be in society, and provides an ideal vision of a Spiritually Beautiful, Materially Affluent and Humanly Rewarding Society (BAR as an acronym).

Oughtopia is a society in which what ‘ought-to-be’ exists, where human beings are able to lead a meaningful life with correct understanding of cosmic reality and human nature. While many theories offer models of an ideal society, such as More’s Utopia and Plato’s Republic, these models do not apply to the drastically transformed modern society.
Oughtopia is a societal model designed for this era, and differs from competing theories of ideal society by constructing a feasible ideal type of society from reality. Oughtopia represents humanity’s greatest desire, a world in which humanity will achieve perfection through self realization, where society allows humans to enjoy their lives, and happiness will result from a harmony of spirituality and materialism.

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