GCS implies the three main principles of Goodwill (G). Cooperation(C). Service(S). At the same time, it also signifies the attainment of a Global Common Society (GCS) as the goal of the GCS Movement through the stage of a Global Cooperative Society. Therefore, ‘GCS’ is substituted for a Brighter Society in Korea while it stands for both the goal and the main three spirits of the Movement, expected to lead to a global civil society.

It is a Global Common Society that is human-centered and genuinely democratic, where the spirit of goodwill, cooperation and service replaces individual and collective egoism and hegemonies of earlier times, while ethical norms and value standards rooted in the dignity of man prevail over the law of the jungle where the strong prey upon the weak. In this common global society, we human beings are one family living on a common homeland, sharing common norms, common goals and common tasks, with lasting world peace at long last realized, as envisioned in the principles of the United Nations Charter.

The New Millennium begins with grave and interconnected challenges to humanity. Human society today suffers from a poverty of the spirit in the midst of material abundance; it pursues material affluence and advancements in science and technology as the prime goal of human existence; it sanctifies utility and efficiency, thus trivializing and alienating human beings; it is still scarred by genocide, violent conflict and wars. The human spirit is dwindling and humanity disappearing. Human society now seems close to another dark age, due to the limits of materialistic civilization, just as the limits of spiritualistic civilization trapped human society in darkness in the middle Ages.

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