◆ The Movement for a Healthy Society

The movement for a healthy society is designed to establish a sound society in which conscience and humanity comes alive through the elimination of selfishness, corruption, immorality and crime. This can be achieved through the successful coordination of the material and spiritual world.


◆ The Movement for Better Living

The movement for better living is to construct a materially affluent society through realizing basic human necessities and improving living standards. The movement aims at building a Global Cooperative Society, which aims for people to live based on a sound spirit rather than blind pursuit of excessive materialism.


◆ The Movement for Nature Preservation

The movement for nature preservation is to protect the natural environment from destruction and restore the damaged environment, for it is out obligation to keep the environment clean and beautiful for the future generations. It is designed to preserve the natural environment as an everlasting refuge for all living creatures and as rich repository of natural resources.


◆ The Movement for Restoration of Human Dignity

Human dignity can be realized only when people begin to take a leading role in the development of society. Men and women should govern themselves and the environment and never let anything or anyone rule them. However, modern society is overwhelmed and dominated by excessive materialism, technology, organizations, and structures, which tend to downgrade human dignity. This movement aim to break the oppression that exists in the present social structures and to allow people to live as self-governing actors, not as subjects.


◆ The Movement for World Peace

With the development of modern science and technology, today’s world has become a smaller global community. Yet, conflicts and confrontations continue as humankind cannot transcend the boundaries of nationalism. This movement aims at achieving a lasting peace which guarantees coexistence and co-prosperity of human beings through peace and harmony rather than through warfare and conflicts.

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