Organizing a club

GCS Club Membership Eligibility

  • All men and women subscribing to the spirit and goals of the GCS Movement regardless of race, religion, political affiliation or nationality.
  • All men and women who are prepared to take part in the GCS three main spirit and five major movements.
  • All men and women with the outstanding volunteer-ethic for the local community and with constant self-discipline.
  • All men and women who wish to contribute to the promotion of human civilization and world peace.

Requirements for organizing a NewClub

  • Support of the sponsoring club
  • A minimum of twenty club member
  • Submission of an admission application
  • Approval of the national chapter
  • Appropriate amount of membership fee

Organizing Club

  1. Discussion about the club organization among five or more people who wish to join the GCS movement.
  2. Contact the sponsoring club or the national chapter and hold a briefing session about the purport of GCS Clubs.
  3. A minimum of ten founding member hold a meeting of promoters

(Election of the President and choice of the Club Name etc.)

  1. Submit an application for a new organization of a GCS local club to any national headquarters. It should be reviewed by the national headquarters.
  2. Secure members of at least twenty as a basic unit of a GCS club.
  3. Hold the Inaugural meeting with coordination with the national chapter.

Procedure for organizing a new club

  1. Formation of an Organizational committee with five or more people

(A meeting of ten or more promoters)

  1. Submit application to the national chapter

(Review by respective national chapter)

  1. The inaugural meeting



Membership Admission

  1. For a new member, wishing to join a club, one should express one’s intent to the local club officers.
  2. With the recommendation of other members, the president of the local club reviews and decides the membership admission on the basis of unanimous consensus by the executive committee of the local club.
  3. One must submit a formal application for admission with a statement of intent. Once accepted, the newly admitted member will take the pledge at the first club meeting she/he attends.
  4. Once the new member is registered, the local club should promptly notify the details of the new member to the national chapter.

Procedure for membership admission

  • Support for the objectives of the GCS Club

(Recommendation by club members)

  • Submission of application to the club

(Approval of the executive committee)

  • Admission and membership pledge

Organization of a National Chapter

  • For the approval from the international headquarters, there shall be at least three GCS clubs organized in the country.
  • The National Chapter shall have a President, a president-elect, a board of executives and staff, two auditors, and a headquarters office for its operation.
  • The National Chapter that completed its organization should register as a non-profit corporation of the country it belongs.

Model Procedure for the GCS Club Inauguration Ceremony

  • GCS Bell Ringing followed by the Opening Remarks of the national president.
  • Charter Recitation
  • Membership Pledge


  • Organizational progress report of the GCS Club
  • Admission Pledge
  • Introduction of guest and members
  • Presentation of the GCS flag, Membershipcertificates, and GCS pins.
  • Welcoming Address by the club president.
  • Congratulatory Address by Guest

(Singing of the GCS Club Song)

  • GCS Bell ringing followed by closing remarks of the club president.

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