These are carried out through the five major fields of activities: the Movement for a Healthy Society, the Movement for Better Living, the Movement for the Love of Nature, the Movement for Restoration of Human Dignity, and the Movement for Global Peace.

  1. Mutual support among club members
  2. Citations and awards for right conduct
  3. Scholarship grants for outstanding students
  4. Charity works for less fortunate
  5. Free medical service for the destitute
  6. Sisterhood affiliations among clubs
  7. GCS Club meetings for various concerns
  8. Choral contests
  9. Writing and speech contests
  10. Lectures on GCS Movements
  11. Leadership training and workshops for members
  12. Environmental conservation activities
  13. Fund raising bazaar
  14. Athletic events
  15. Academic Seminars on GCS Movements
  16. Musical Concerts
  17. Consultations on legal matters and human rights concerns
  18. International cultural, educational and friendship exchange programs
  19. Encouragement of support to the Charter of the United Nations in collaboration with NGOs
  20. Commemorative activities for the UN International Day of Peace
  21. Support to the Pax U.N. for world peace
  22. Voluntary social work and service grants
  23. Campaigns for various concerns
  24. Promoting a Second Renaissance Movement
  25. Other activities in realization of the spirit and goals of the club

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