‘2022 Taekwondo Video Contest’ to Continue Until Sept. 13

Under the theme “Taekwondo in Daily Life,” the 2022 Taekwondo Video Contest, which kicked off on June 7, 2022, will continue until September 13.

The 2022 Taekwondo Video Contest, the second of its kind after the 2021 Taekwondo UCC Contest, is open to anyone who loves taekwondo at home and abroad.
The annual contest is jointly promoted by the Korea Culture Foundation, headed by Kim Joon-il, and the Sports Donga daily newspaper. The contest is sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, World Taekwondo (WT), the Korea Taekwondo Association (KTA), the King Sejong Foundation, and the Asia Development Foundation (ADF).

The contest will feature two categories: K-Pop TKDance (Taekwondo Dance), taekwondo dance video with K-pop music by your own choice with music video based on taekwondo, and Dynamic TKD (Taekowndo), taekwondo introduction clips such as film, drama parody clips, high-level taekwondo performance clips, promoting your neighborhood with taekwondo, etc.

For application, each video clip should be more than 1920 X 1080 pixel (HD) with a length of 30 seconds to 2 minutes. For the application and other information on the contest, you can visit the website of the Korea Culture Foundation at www.k-cf.org or scan the QR code on the contest poster.

The total prize money of the contest is 30 million won (about U.S.$23,000). The “Grand Prize” winner will receive 5 million won in prize money, while the four “Top Prize” winners, two from each category, will get 3 million won each. Four teams, two from each category, of the “Excellence Prize” recipients will fetch 2 million won each, while 10 teams, five from each category, of the “Participation Prize” winners will bring home 500,000 won each.

The successful winners will be announced on October 20 during the awarding ceremony.

In 2018, GCS International signed a four=party memorandum of understanding with WT, the International Center for Korean Culture (ICKC) and the ADF for the promotion of taekwondo and the Korean language.

The inaugural Taekwondo UCC Contest 2021 was jointly organized by the ADF and the Korean Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (KAHPERD). Starting this year, however, the taekwondo video contest was handed over to the Korea Culture Foundation.

“We expect more video applicants from WT and GCS member countries worldwide, especially from those with THF and WT-ADF Cares programs, thus helping empower the powerless in developing countries,” said World Taekwondo and GCS International President Chugnwon Choue.

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