Dolce Classic, GCS International Organize Peace Concert to Mark 39th UN International Day of Peace

A peace concert, which was organized by Dolce Classic, led by Chung-Ang University Prof. Emeritus Ryee June-il, and supported by GCS International, was successfully held in Seoul, Korea on October 13, 2020.

The peace concert was held to commemorate the 39th UN International Day of Peace, which falls on September 21.

The concert, which took place at the Samick Hall in Hakdong, Seoul, featured Korean Soprano Kim Jee-hyun, professor of the Vocal Arts at SangMyung University, and her Chinese student singers “Golden Muses.” Soprano Kim serves as a GCS peace ambassador.

A total of 20 songs, including “Love of Wolyounggyo,” written by Poet Seo Young-soon and composed by Lee An-sam, who passed away last August, were sung at the 2-hour-long concert.
At the end of the concert, all the singers sang in chorus “Magnolia,” which was written by GCS Movement founder Dr. Young Seek Choue and composed by Kim Dong-jin.

To mark the invitational concert, which was broadcast live worldwide via YouTube, GCS International President Dr. Chungwon Choue and three other GCS chapter leaders sent their respective congratulatory video messages. The three were American Dr. Selma Li, president of the GCS Portland, USA Chapter; Indian Master Pradipta Kumar Roy, president of the GCS West Bengal, India Chapter; and Chinese Li Xian Hu, a board member of GCS International.

“I wish to congratulate Dolce Class on organizing an invitational concert for the globalization of Korean classic songs, or gagok, to commemorate the 39th UN International Day of Peace, together with GCS International,” said Dr. Chungwon Choue, president of GCS International, in his video congratulatory message.

Dr. Choue, who also serves as president of World Taekwondo, continued to say, “The UN International Day of Peace was first proposed by my late father, Dr. Young Seek Choue, founder of the GCS Movement and Kyung Hee University System, at the 6th IAUP (International Association of University Presidents) Conference in Costa Rica in 1981. The proposal was unanimously accepted by the UN General Assembly that year.” “Featuring GCS Peace Ambassador Soprano Kim Jee-hyun and her Chinese student vocalists ‘Golden Muses,’ I hope this concert will help further globalize Korean classic songs.”

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